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Diving with us is an incredible, safe and exciting experience, we belong to PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors®) is the world’s largest diving and ocean exploration organization, which operates in 186 countries and territories, with a global network of more 6,600 dive centers and resorts and more than 128,000 professional members worldwide. Issuing more than 1 million certifications each year, and more than 29 million certifications to date, PADI enables people around the world to seek adventure and save the ocean through underwater education, life-changing experiences and travel.

For over 50 years, PADI has unquestionably been The Way the World Learns to Dive®, maintaining its high standards of dive training, safety and customer service, monitored for consistency and quality all over the world. With a long-standing commitment to conserving the environment, PADI is leading the way for millions of people to actively explore, care for and protect the ocean through its course offerings and collaborations with like-minded organizations, fueled by its mission.

PADI embodies a global commitment to ocean health with its mission to create one billion torchbearers to explore and protect the ocean.

PADI Training: PADI offers the most robust system of diver training, as PADI Instructors are trained and abide by the highest standards of safety and performance in the diving industry, recognized throughout the world. The organization offers a wide range of diving and freediving courses that allow beginners to discover the underwater world. Advanced specialty courses are designed to develop the skills and enhance an experienced diver’s love of the oceans and aquatic environments. From the introductory Open Water Diver course (and the Bubblemaker experience for children 8+) to more advanced courses like Digital Underwater Imaging and Wreck Diving, PADI offers training for divers of all levels. With nearly 200 PADI Dive Centers and PADI Resorts in Germany, Ecuador, Austria and Switzerland, you’ll find PADI courses and dive services close to home, as well as just about anywhere you’ve dreamed of visiting.

PADI AWARE Foundation: The PADI AWARE Foundation is an international charity that drives local action for global impact. Together with PADI, they have developed the PADI Blueprint for Ocean Action that commits to take action to combat climate change, help create marine protected areas and protect vulnerable species. Over the next decade they will work to rid the ocean of marine debris, multiply marine protected areas, protect endangered and vulnerable marine species, accelerate the recovery and restoration of coral reefs, and reduce the carbon footprint of the diving industry.